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Daily Words of Encouragement

A STRONG FOUNDATION – August 13, 2022

Good morning glorious ones! A STRONG FOUNDATION is the basis for everything, and our spiritual lives are no different.  As Christians the first foundation we must understand is the foundation of righteousness.  When we begin to understand how this operates in our lives, blessings will come our way.   But this does not just happen […]

DON’T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN – August 12, 2022

Hello beautiful ones! The world has many ways of thinking and many different philosophies, but not all of these are in line with God’s Word. We have developed our own peculiar set of values and standards, but because Satan is the god of this world, secular ways of thinking have become tainted (see 2 Corinthians […]

“SOZO” – August 11, 2022

Good morning beloved! “SOZO” is a greek word that you will find throughout the New Testament.  It is always interpreted as “Salvation”, but has a much broader meaning than just being saved. “SOZO” is a pervading, all-encompassing peace and wholeness that restores, preserves, and saves.  I learned it like this:  “SOZO” means: saved, healed, delivered, […]


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