Good morning family of God!

Psalm 118:1 says,

• Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for HE IS GOOD!  For His mercy endures forever.

GOD’S GOODNESS is manifested in many ways.  He wants us to experience HIS GOODNESS in our everyday lives, so that we can live the way He wants us to live right now.  As believers, we should all desire to live in the GOODNESS OF GOD and demonstrate it to the world.

From the very beginning until the present time, we can see proof that GOD IS GOOD. In Genesis 1:9-31, when God created the world, He declared and approved everything He made as GOOD, fitting, and admirable. When everything was completed, He created Adam. This was tangible evidence of GOD’S GOODNESS. He did these things so that the earth would be GOOD.

When God made man, He gave him the same authority over the earth and everything in it that He had.  Man was made in God’s image, complete with the trinity of God inside him. God created man, a speaking spirit, to fellowship with Him. All of creation was GOOD in God’s eyes, but when man showed up, “good” became “very good.” Before the fall, Eden was perfect.  God wants us to experience our own Eden in our lifetime.

As further proof of GOD’S GOODNESS, He designed marriage to be very good.  His Word says a good wife is a double blessing.  Proverbs 18:22 declares,

• Whoever find a true wife find a good thing, and obtains God’s favor.

Also, we know from James 1:17 that every GOOD and perfect gift is from above.  It comes down from the Father, in Whom there is no variation or shadow as in an eclipse.  The Scripture declares in Matthew 7:11 that if we, as human beings, know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more will our Heavenly Father give good things to those who ask Him?

We are God’s children, and HE IS GOOD. Doing good comes from Him. When we operate like He does, we are imitating the Father.

God gave us the most perfect gift of all – The gift of His Son Jesus. Ephesians 2:4-10 says that God is rich in mercy and He loves us with a great love. Even when we were slain by our own shortcomings, He made us alive again through fellowship with Christ.  He did this to show us His unmerited favor and GOODNESS of heart toward us, as a gift from Him.  He has prearranged the GOOD life for us.

Family, God wants us to enjoy life, and we cannot and should not simply sit back and tolerate bad things happening in our lives.

I encourage you to believe in the GOODNESS OF GOD and that His will is always GOOD for us!

Thanking God for HIS GOODNESS,

Lisa Gordon💐

Gordon Ministries and Jesus City Church🌟