Good morning family!

I want to exhort you to be a “believing” believer.  There are so many people in the body of Christ who possess eternal life, yet live as though God’s Word was untrue.  They may even have the Word of God committed to memory, but it is not an integral part of their lives. This is because they have never gone any further than sense knowledge faith. There are a lot who mentally assent to the Word, yet do not act upon it.

God calls us all His sons and daughters, if we are born again, but are we all enjoying our rights and privileges in Christ Jesus? If we truly are believers, then we should be possessors of all that the Lord Jesus died to give us. Yet, some are continually begging the Father to give them what has already been provided for them (i.e., healing, prosperity, wholeness, protection, deliverance, preservation, etc.).

John 1:16 says,

• For of His fullness have we all received, and grace upon grace.

If we have received God’s fullness according to John 1:16, why do we go away empty? We have His fullness of love, and yet our senses dominate us. We have the riches of His grace, and yet live in the conscious sense of unworthiness, unfaithfulness, and lack. Family, we have been given the fullness of God, so let us not talk about being empty. When we talk like this, we will be robbed of our joy.

Ephesians 3:20 says,

• Now unto Him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think according to the ability that works in us.

See, God’s ability is in us, so let’s not talk about our lack of ability. Because God has given us all things, it is imperative that we act on His Word.  This is what being a “believing” believer does!  He acts like the Word is true, despite contrary circumstances.

We can say it like this:  The house is wired; the bulbs are in their sockets; everything is waiting for us to turn on the switch, yet we grope around in the darkness. Family, it is never lack on the Father’s part.  It is always our lack of taking advantage of God’s ability that is given to us so that we may grow in grace, in knowledge, and in usefulness.

As you continue to use the Word of God, it grows on you, and it multiplies. After a while, it gains the ascendancy. It will always prevail against sense knowledge. It will make you a dominant person where you may have been a slave to sin before. You will become a master of your circumstances instead of them crippling you.

It required faith for you to get into God’s family, but now that you are in the kingdom of the Son of God, you are what God says you are. He tells us that we are free; that we are redeemed; that we are forgiven; that He bore our sicknesses and carried our diseases; that darkness and Satan have no more dominion over us.

I exhort you not to assent to the Scripture, but to act on it.  Declare what God has said about you.  Say with confidence: “From this day, I am a master of the forces of darkness because the life of God, the ability of God, and the wisdom of God are all mine.”

Continue to praise and thank the Father that you see what He says about you from His Word and you are going to walk in it.  Tell Him that you are what He says you are and you can have what He says you can have!

This is a faith walk, family. If you act on the Word, it becomes real. It will not become real until you begin to practice it. I exhort you to never challenge the integrity of what God did in Christ for you by talking about your being unworthy, unrighteous, and unfit after the Word says He has made you His righteousness. He has made you alive in Christ Jesus. He has made you His Own sons and daughters, partakers of His Own nature. You are joint heirs with Jesus. He has made you all this in the new creation. This is what eternal life has done for you. This is actually what you are!

Begin to enjoy the fullness of this life – He will enable you to do what He has called you to do.  Take your place in His family!

Believing the Word,

Lisa Gordon💐

Gordon Ministries and Jesus City Church✨