Good morning highly favored ones!

Ephesians 2:7 says,

  • In the ages to come, He might show us the immeasurable, limitless, surpassing greatness of His FAVOR.

What’s so interesting about this Scripture is that Paul wrote this ages ago – We are living IN THE AGES TO COME that Paul was talking about.  I believe that we’re going to see THE FAVOR OF GOD in unmatched, unparalleled ways in these last days.

Now we have to get in agreement with God – Get up every morning and declare God’s FAVOR.  When we line our words up with God’s Word, it gives life to our faith.

Exodus 34:10 says,

  • I will perform great wonders that I have not done anywhere before in all the earth.

We will see the great things that God will do for us if we will believe His promises.  What God has in your future will superceed what you’ve seen in your past.  I don’t know about you, but I’m expecting something awesome from God in my future.  God has done great things in my past – He’s blessed me, but deep down, I know what’s in my past will pale in comparison to what God is about to do.

We see in Psalm 78:41 that the people limited the Holy One of Israel – They limited God.  God wanted to do something awesome in their lives – He wanted to take them into the Promised Land – A land greater than anything they had experienced.  Their problem was:  They didn’t believe!  They didn’t think they could defeat their enemies – They got negative, started complaining, and never made it to their Promised Land.

Let’s make sure we’re not setting limits for our lives.  If you want to see God do amazing things, you’ve got to get in agreement with God and say, “Father, I’m expecting you to do something remarkable in my life – something I’ve never seen before!  That’s what Jesus said in John 14:12,

  • He that believes in Me, the works that I do will you do also, and greater works than these will you do.

This is an amazing promise.  I exhort you to continue to believe for THE FAVOR OF GOD.  When you release your faith, God will show up and do amazing things that you’ve never seen happen before.

Jeremiah 32:27 says,

  • Is there anything too hard for the LORD?

Keep your faith out there – God has something astounding in your future!

Walking in the favor of God,

Lisa Gordon

Jesus City Church

Glastonbury, CT