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by Randy Gordon

1. TIME WITH GOD a. Worship – Spending time in worship loosens you up and reduces stress!  During these quiet moments, thank Him for all He’s done.  As you do this you are reminded that God is big and everything else is small.  He will speak to you in these times of intimacy and encourage […]

Understanding Speaking In Tongues – PT 1

by Randy Gordon

When I was 10 years old, back in 1973, the Holy Spirit was being poured out throughout the United States and the world.  Many have named this special time of God’s visitation the Charismatic Renewal. Churches from all denominations, Protestants and Catholics alike, were all experiencing what the Bible calls The Baptism with The Holy […]

Nothing’s Impossible For Me Anymore! – PT 1

by Randy Gordon

Before we begin, it might be helpful to you if you have your Bible.  Take a few minutes to look up the scriptures I reference. God wants us to see us healed and delivered, speaking the truth in love, watching people’s lives change and demonstrating His power (and in doing so, He’s demonstrating the fact […]

Expressions of Love

by Randy Gordon

Have you ever wondered why others seem to be so aloof in the areas that you are strongest in? Why does it feel like you are all alone in the way you see things sometimes?  Are others turning against you, or is it simply that they don’t have a grid for what you expect from […]

What is Praying in Tongues? – PT 1

by Randy Gordon

You might not be sure what praying in other tongues is or what it’s for.  Let’s take a look together at this wonderful gift from God.  To begin with, praying in tongues is praying in a supernatural language.  Also, the word “tongues” means languages.  Plural. When the Holy Spirit gives you the ability to speak […]