Hello blessed ones!

According to Romans 12:1-2, it is the THE WILL OF GOD for everybeliever to present his or her body to God as a living sacrifice and to renew their minds.  It is only when we make a total sacrifice in every area of our lives that we are able to see GOD’S WILL manifest in our lives.

In Romans 12:1-2, the Apostle Paul is speaking to Christians because he refers to them as “brethren.”  We can see in this Scripture that God asks for a “living” sacrifice, not a dead one.  Romans 12:1-2 is a recipe for discovering and fulfilling GOD’S WILL FOR YOUR LIFE.  

It is possible for people to commit their lives to the Lord for the purpose of salvation, but not yield to the Lord in everyday life.  It is only when we make a total sacrifice in every area of our lives that we will see GOD’S WILLmanifest.  

My question to us today is:  “Are we willing to start living according to the Word and turn every area of our lives over to the Lord as a living sacrifice?”  Paul says that this is our reasonable service to God in response to everything He has done for us.  

Our “living sacrifice” is our commitment to God that says, “I am willing every day to make the necessary course corrections to live a life that pleases the Lord.”  This commitment is not saying that you will be flawless, but that you will constantly make the necessary adjustments when you get off track.  When you do this, you become a living sacrifice. 

Remember, we are not to be conformed to this world’s way of thinking, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  I encourage you not to think like the world.  You “fashion” yourself after the world when you think like it.  So, if you get saved but never change the way you think, nothing will change in your life.  The way you think will determine the way you live.  

Romans 12:3 goes on to teach us that intoxicating thinking is opposite to sober thinking.  Sober thinking aligns with the Word of God.  We are taught not to think more highly of ourselves than we ought to.  Do not get into pride, but on the other hand, do not think lower of yourself than you should and get into false humility.  Think soberly!

As true believers, we live our lives by faith in Jesus Christ ~ we have all obtained like precious faith.  This same faith was used to raise Dorcas from the dead (see Acts 9:36-42).  

When we have our minds renewed and know what belongs to us and what to do in faith-dependent situations, we will be able to properly use our faith.  

Be encouraged because we have all be given the measure of faith (see Romans 12:3).  

We should be using our faith in a greater way each and every day.  This is why God wants us to renew our minds to the Word of God, so that we can know GOD’S WILL FOR OUR LIVES.

Walking in the will of God,

Lisa Gordon🙌🏻

Gordon Ministries and Jesus City Church⛪️